October 2007:
The Active Society’s board members are pleased to announce the acceptance of the invitation of Dr. Michael Schwaiger of E.N.T.E.R Network. Active Society will become a member of E.N.T.E.R in mid-November 2007.
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September 2007:
During the latest meeting on Innoprevent the project members had presentation and discussion of the final version of Innoprevent Course and Learning Platform. The piloting countries (Spain, Finland and Germany) reported their experiences and gave useful feedback on the learning modules.

January 2007:
The latest Innoprevent meeting was focused on the development of the project's fine curriculum and learnbook on the e-learning platform. The project members also had a discussion with the manager of Spa Yyteri, Pori, Finland, who did a short presentation of the spa facilities and know-how.

September 2006:
The latest Innoprevent meeting gathered together professionals from all over Europe. The presentations included the step by step development of the project's e-learning platform as well as discussions of the APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning).

November 2006:
We recently launched our new Innoprevent section. It provides information on the project in Bulgarian and this way brings one step closer the Bulgarian medical and therapeutical representatives. You can see the new design and content here:

October 2005:
The kick-off meeting for "Innovation in health promotion and prevention" took place in Germany. The project will develop a model-training programme for the medical and therapeutical services. More information is available on:

May 2005:
Dnevnik, one of the leading Bulgarian newspapers, published resume of a project developed by Active Society.
Read the article (in Bulgarian)

April 2005:
Active society became part of the NewPOL Consortium Network.
Active Society became partner of North Devon College, UK. The project is called Slang 2 and is granted by the Leonardo da Vinci II Programm, measure: Language Competences.

January 2005:
In 2005 Active Society will work as a partner on the project Medical Prävention and Wellnesstrainer - Inno Prevent.
The project will run for 24 months and includes partners from eight countries including the promoter - BBW Beckmann & Scheller GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

October 2004:
New feature added: Members area

September 2004:
The newly designed website of Active Society has been launched • 2004-2009